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Power Words

One important part of a resume is the descriptions of what duties you performed and what responsibilities you had at your previous jobs or educational institutions. Below are action words that you can load into a resume in order to help explain to employers what actions you took while you were at your previous places of employment. Using power words helps to define your accomplishments clearly.

Accelerated Achieved Acquired Adapted Addressed
Adjusted Administered Allocated Analyzed Anticipated
Appointed Appraised Assembled Assessed Assigned
Assisted Audited Authorized Balanced Budgeted
Calculated Centralized Chaired Changed Collaborated
Collected Compiled Composed Computed Conceptualized
Condensed Conducted Conserved Consolidated Constructed
Contracted Converted Coordinated Corrected Corresponded
Created Cultivated Decided Demonstrated Designed
Determined Developed Devised Discovered Doubled
Drafted Edited Eliminated Enforced Enhanced
Established Estimated Evaluated Executed Expanded
Expedited Explained Extracted Facilitated Forecasted
Formed Formulated Founded Generated Guided
Handled Headed Hired Implemented Improved
Increased Informed Initiated Insured Interpreted
Interviewed Introduced Issued Launched Led
Maintained Managed Marketed Measured Merged
Minimized Moderated Modified Motivated Negotiated
Netted Obtained Operated Organized Originated
Oversaw Performed Planned Prepared Prevented
Prioritized Produced Programmed Projected Promoted
Provided Publicized Published Qualified Recommended
Reconciled Recruited Reduced Refined Regained
Regulated Reorganized Replaced Reported Represented
Researched Resolved Retrieved Reviewed Scheduled
Secured Selected Separated Set up Simplified
Solved Surveyed Staffed Strengthened Supervised
Systematized Taught Terminated Tested Trained
Translated Used Utilized

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