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Industry Cover Letter Survey

Below are tips supplied by CPA professionals when asked what they utilize as well as what they look for when reading a cover letter.

  1. Use a business format (a little less formal)
  2. Differentiate your letter from others
  3. Tell how you learned about the position
  4. Express appreciation for the interview
  5. Express genuine enthusiasm and interest
  6. Say why you want a job at this firm
  7. State your intentions clearly
  8. Specific to the job and firm
  9. Keep it to one page
  10. Keep it factual
  11. Keep it brief
  12. Tell why you are the perfect candidate
  13. Tell something unique about your qualities
  14. Be concise
  15. Stress strengths
  16. Use cover letter to fill holes in resume
  17. Be clear on how the firm can reach you
  18. Use proper spelling and grammar
  19. Tell what location or department you would prefer

Survey Results Compiled by: Shannon Broderick
Public Relations Associate, CPAmerica International, Inc.

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