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Career Corner by Joe Hodowanes

Joe Hodowanes, a career strategy adviser in Tampa, offers a free resume and career analysis. Fax your resume to (813) 936-0201 or send it to online. For questions, call Joe at (813) 936-0091 or visit on the Web.

Career Dilemmas – Q&A


  • Writing an Internet Resume That Travels Well On the ‘Information Highway’
    In today's world of e-mail, resume scanners and on-line resumes, how do you develop a resume that will survive? To find out how your current resume stacks up, read the clear, specific - and important - suggestions listed in this article for creating a resume that will travel well on the "Information Highway."

  • Would you hire yourself?
    Put yourself in the employer’s shoes, and pretend that someone exactly like you is applying for a job. How would you measure up?

  • 12 Ways Job Seekers Botch Their Resumes
    Successful people are frequently good at many things, but few are experienced in writing effective resumes. As a result, resumes ranges from poor to lousy. By avoiding the common pitfalls, you'll be well ahead of the pack.

  • How To Handle Your References
    Don't let your references ruin your chances for a promising new job. Suggestions for obtaining good, solid references are discussed in this article.

  • Career & Life Reflections That Have Worked for Others
    We all must chose the paths we will take in our lives. Read ten insights gained from the experiences of mature individuals that may help you as you make crucial career and life decisions.


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